About Our Agency

About-42.jpgEd Sutterfield

Compass LTC is focused on helping individuals and families plan for the unexpected accidents and illnesses and the devastating financial and emotional consequences they can have on us and our families. Planning for these possible future events is the only prudent decision considering that healthcare costs continue to rise and we are living longer. Services include Extended Care Planning, Healthcare coverage (Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Hospital Indemnity, Dental/Vision/Hearing, Short Term Care, and Final Expense Life Insurance).

Before founding Compass LTC, Ed Sutterfield worked for both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies providing innovative system solutions. In 2008, he became focused on healthcare solutions. Ed is a member of the American Association for Long Term Care insurance and has completed the rigorous course that allows the use of Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC) designation. This gives him the skills to ask the right questions, craft the right plan and work with other professionals to implement it. He has been through educational training classes for helping people on Medicare. The reason he has taken these classes is so he can help you understand what the gaps are in Medicare, what they will pay and what they won’t pay.

Compass LTC is affiliated with Fidelis Consultants. They are a leading insurance broker that specializes in Medicare, Individual Health, Group Health, and much more. Their company began in 2012 in Arizona, and they have quickly expanded throughout the southwest and beyond due in large part to their exceptional agents and client model.

The name Fidelis describes the unique relationship they have with their clients. Fidelis means faithful, loyal, or true. As a company, what they value most is their relationship with their clients. With Compass LTC and Fidelis Consultants, you have two companies working for you and whose top priority is you.

Using only highly rated major insurance companies that have a strong commitment to the industry, Compass LTC designs plans to include coverage meeting your needs. By working with Compass LTC, you can protect your independence as well as your retirement income.